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Company Background Example:

(business name) is family and employee owned wholesale distributing company. (business name) is the largest independently owned convenience store supplier in Pennsylvania, servicing 2,000 retail customers in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. (business name) also manages several other venture-capitalized businesses including a 1,500 user Internet Service Provider and co-location facility, an ice cream manufacturer, a food services division, and real estate ventures. These businesses are all housed within (business name)'s network infrastructure.

Network Challenges Example

To support and facilitate business operations, “The Business’s” IT department is responsible for providing network connectivity between branches and ensuring services such as VPN, email, FTP, and web services are available. They must ensure that users at branches, job sites, and other locations around the US have access to these services. At the same time, they must minimize potential network attacks and service disruptions. Using the standard firewall products from Cisco, they are not able to block network ports that aren't necessary for their business needs for specific areas. However, without a full time Cisco network administrator, their IT department is in the dark about the type of traffic accessing their network and is not able to actively combat network threats.

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Choosing PacketViper Example

“The Business” chose PacketViper from PacketViper, LLC mainly to limit their exposure to global network threats. “The Business” deployed PacketViper in a Layer 2 configuration so that they could filter all Internet traffic attempting to access their network and minimize network disruption. Conducting business mainly in North America, “The Business” was able to block all network attempts from most of the world, including countries notorious for network attacks such as Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, and others.

Additional Benefits Example

The full-time employees of “The Business”'s IT department are now able to log into PacketViper to generate reports regarding their network traffic history, see trending data, and view current network utilization information in real time as it traverses their network. This provides additional insight into their network that they were unable to view before. They can even address 0-hour network threats without the time and expense of calling their Cisco network consultants. Additionally, they have configured triggers to send email alerts regarding unusual network activity.

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Conclusion Example

For minimal cost and network disruption, “The Business” was able to drastically decrease the number of network attacks on their network infrastructure while preserving legitimate user's ability to access critical services. At the same time, they increased their ability to monitor their network and rapidly respond to emerging network threats.

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