PacketViper, comes packed with many features to improve and harden the Geo-IP layer, and extend customers filtering capabilities beyond the gateway.  PacketViper is not a simple on/off country blocker, but rather a robust Geo-IP filtering layer that eliminates much of the wasteful network traffic before it enters your security environment.  Its features include actionable real time logs, reports, and connection tracking.  After you've learned about all of PacketViper's features, be sure to try this network monitoring software for free today!




DDoS Protection

eye-icon.pngWhen PacketViper is placed inline of the carrier, the DDoS is minimized based on the customer’s country configuration.  Currently administrators cannot see the originating countries of the IP which is attacking, and makes it difficult to verify if the traffic is legitimate to the business. PacketViper quickly shows the administrators where the traffic is born, and quickly allows the administrator to click and block complete networks of the attack, rendering them mute


PacketViper can prevent new and existing cryptolocker malware from ever reaching their destination. Example: When CryptoLockers are first run, the payload installs itself in the user profile folder, and adds a key to the registry that causes it to run on startup. It then attempts to contact one of several designated command and control servers. once connected, the server generates a 2048-bit RSA key pair, and sends the public key back to the infected computer. The server may be a local proxy and go through others, frequently relocated in different countries to make tracing them more difficult. 
Data Exfiltration / Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Should a vulnerability be exposed, PacketViper will add an extra layer for traffic heading outbound. Set the bidirectional controls such as triggers, and rules to high risk countries, companies, and networks to prevent rogue connections from escaping your network. 
PII Protection PacketViper can provide the additional layer to prevent your private information from escaping your secure environment, by limiting where your internal connections may escape to.  Malware and phishing attacks are reliable vehicles to capture private identifiable data from your network. By limiting who and what has access to these connections in either direction.
SPAM eye-icon.pngSpammers come from all around the world.  PacketViper can eliminate much of the spam before entering your environment. Spammers can mask themselves make themselves appear as anyone by faking reverse DNS, or spamming through infected systems.
Phishing Phishing email, disguised as an official email from a (fictional) bank. The sender is attempting to trick the recipient into revealing confidential information by "confirming" it at the phisher's website. Although the URL of the bank's webpage appears to be legitimate, the hyperlink would actually be pointed at the phisher's webpage in some poorly regulated country, or unsuspecting infected web server.
Probing  eye-icon.pngThe most common type of network probe is probably the port scan. A port scan is a method used by intruders to discover the services running on a target machine. PacketViper prevents much of the networking probing by only allowing specific network ports from countries. The restricts their probes to only a few ports, thereby alleviating strains through the security environment.
Global Login Attempts PacketViper limits globally who has access to your critical portals in your public environment. Attackers no longer with have them ability to dictionary scan, or guess password from compromised systems around the world.
Proxied Connections PacketViper will provide less opportunity for proxied connections by limiting how each country, and company sees your open connection.  Currently your firewalls open ports to everything, PacketViper limits who has access to this ports.  Along with per port country filtering, customers can enable our own Global Network Lists which contain high risk proxy IP's, TOR, and providers to further complicate the attackers direct line of sight they have now.
Half-Open SYN In this scan, the port scanner connects to the port but shuts down the connection right before a full connection occurs. Since a full connection never happened, the operating system of the target machine usually does not log the scan. PacketViper prevents much of the networking HOS by only allowing specific network ports from countries. The restricts their HOS requests to only a few ports, thereby alleviating strains through the security environment.
Flooding Protection Quickly rate limit the country, company, network, and IP usage of specific ports and protocols. Specific triggers which can be set to automatically restrict over usage.  Provides another layer of protection to your critical services.
Added Layer Of Protection
eye-icon.pngPacketViper adds a valuable layer that does not interfere with existing environments. 
FIPS-140-2 Inside In the US, requirements for government security are regulated by Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) publications, which are developed by the National Institute of Standards for Technology (NIST) for use government-wide.  FIPS 140-2 Validation is required for sale of products implementing cryptography to the Federal Government.
Scheduled After Hours Inspections Create higher inspection criteria for after hours and weekends to automatically monitor and alert without disrupting normal production hours.
Cyber Risk Management  PacketViper improves Risk Management by helping 1. identify cyber threats faster. 2. Improving your collection, analysis, and reporting of information. 3. Quickly acting upon cyber threats introduced internal and external to you environment
Cyber Threat Risk Assessment Better gap analysis to identify deficiencies/vulnerabilities through-out the security environment, rogue systems, misconfigured applications, firewall rules gaps,
High Risk Threat Lists PacketViper comes with its own threat lists that can be enabled to protect the customers environment.  Our lists contains millions of compromised systems from around the world.
Business Intelligence List Choose from a comprehensive list of multi-national businesses to allow or drop. Our Business Intelligence List provide the granularity to filter the country, and the company separately in either direction.
IP NetCheck eye-icon.pngEnter any IP or hostname into our NetCheck field and quickly view comprehensive analysis including Domain Whois, DNS Whois, IP Whois, ISP, country, longitude/latitude, assigned ranges, network speeds, and insta-block ranges and IP's
Rule Analyzer  eye-icon.pngOur Rule Analyzer is very unique to PacketViper and provides complete visibility on how IP address entering or leaving will be evaluated through PacketViper.  
Real Time Logs with Insta-Block Qeye-icon.pnguickly click log entries, see IP details and assigned networks, and block them on the fly. A great tool for fighting BotNet attacks.
Insta Honeypots eye-icon.pngLure and expose spammer and hacker networks by creating your own honeypots. Any traffic matching the defined criteria will cause the source to be immediately and permanently blocked
Connection Tracking with Insta-Block eye-icon.pngQuickly see all active connection connected through your environment.  With our connection tracking area, administrators can see bandwidth usage, NetcCheck to filter any IP log entry, and terminated with a click. Use our simple filter to search for specific connection types.
D-NAT eye-icon.pngeye-icon.pngRedirect Destination countries, and Global Network Lists to any IP address within your network by port, IP, or network.
S-NAT Redirect Source countries, and Global Network Lists to any IP address within your network by port, IP, or network.
Interception eye-icon.pngIntercept any IP, network, country, or Global Network List HTTP, or SMTP.  Display block pages or reply blocked SMTP traffic with specific deny messages.
Tarpit eye-icon.pngTarpits can be defined to throttle traffic when the rate exceeds a defined limit.  Traffic will be blocked from that source until the rate falls below the specified limit.  This feature has been shown to reduce the effects of DoS attacks.
Triggers eye-icon.pngLog events and send an email or text message alert based on an array of criteria such as source network, destination, port, and protocol.  Triggers can also be defined based on traffic rate from a source during a specified period of time
Rule Priority eye-icon.pngSet a rule priority number for each rule, designating which rule is evaluated first to last
Rule Schedules Create schedules for rules for when they should activate and deactivate.
Auto Rule Expiration Set a auto delete timer for short term rules.  Reduces the chances of leaving exposures open.


Country Based eye-icon.pngQuickly select any country and filter its network traffic.. Choose to specify which ports countries are able to access bidirectionally 
Global Network Lists eye-icon.pngChoose and filter from hundreds of evaluated and researched networks, which have been prone to spammers, threats, and hackers.  Our lists have been proven to reduce threats such as DDOS from comprised networks, and spam from countries that businesses must leave unfiltered. Our lists are updated nightly to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.
Custom Rules eye-icon.pngCreated your own unique rules to allow or deny any IP, Networks, Global Network Lists, or Countries.  Custom rules are designed to superseded rule evaluation further down the chain.
Interface Rules  Create a custom specific rule then assign to any interface.  Rules can include groups, countries, and time frames.
Custom Rule Groups eye-icon.pngCreate custom groups to organize your rules and preferences. Can dramatically simplify rules management for administrators.
Per Network Port Filter country, Global Network List, or custom rule bidirectionally per port.
Bidirectional per port filtering eye-icon.pngChoose which ports to permit inbound or outbound to countries, Global Network List, or custom rules
Country Grouping eye-icon.pngSelect a group of countries, then apply to a rule or trigger.
Company Grouping  eye-icon.pngSelect a group of Network, then apply to a rule or trigger.
Network and IP Grouping eye-icon.pngGroup together many networks and IP address to apply to rules and triggers
Port Grouping eye-icon.pngGroup ports together to apply to rules and triggers


SPAN/Mirror eye-icon.pngPacketViper can be placed on any port, then have traffic mirrored. This provides a simple method to monitor country traffic.
Inline eye-icon.pngPlaced inline anywhere within your network’s environment
Management Port Management port for secure access to PacketViper
VMware  PacketViper can be installed quickly into your VM Environment. 
Fail-to-Wire Available in PV100, PV300, and PV310 models. Our fail to wire network cards will continue to pass traffic should they lose power or fail.  Optionally, these same cards can be purchased for your own hardware or VM Environment.
Low Latency, Layer 2  Operating at Layer 2, PacketViper Geo IP Filter can reach near wire speeds because of no modification to the data packet, only to the frame encapsulation of the packet. PacketViper can be quickly placed between two point seamlessly
Web Front End Access PacketViper from within your protected using a simple browser
Control Center eye-icon.pngOur administrator console provides administrators with a quick view of all PacketViper’s key features including graphs, real time logs, system status, and the message center.
Admin Clipboard eye-icon.pngAdministrators can flag suspect networks and IP's for later analysis.
Network Tools eye-icon.pngAt a moment's notice, ping, trace, or view if a network is listed on popular RBL lists.
Custom Log Retentions  eye-icon.pngCustomize log retention lengths based on your needs.
Backup and Restore:   Saves your complete configuration to protect against any unexpected failure or hardware loss. 
NTP  Keep PacketViper's time accurate by entering your own NTP settings.  This assures synced logging across your environment. 
Mobility Access your PacketViper from your mobile device.
API integration eye-icon.pngIntegrate other security and management devices into PacketViper
Email  Have PacketViper email you the alerts with our customizable email handler.
SMS Have alerts sent directly to you phones, when a trigger is violated
Syslog Send Trigger and block events sent to your event handler
IDS PacketViper comes with an anomaly based intrusion detection system which adds little to no latency to the traffic.
Login Alerting   Quickly enable when any login attempts are made on PacketViper
Real Time Logs eye-icon.pngUnlike other firewalls, quickly click any log entry and instantly see associated networks, country of origin, longitude and latitude, ISP details, and much more. Includes accurate IP identification, an essential feature for cyber security
Searchable IP History eye-icon.pngSee an IP's complete registered information and history of accessing your systems in a single click.
Traffic Reports eye-icon.pngChoose from a variety of reports of traffic trending to better secure your network, such as Traffic Summary, Traffic By Hour, Top Countries, Top IP Addresses, Top Ports, Top Continents, Top Block Mechanism, and more.
Log Shipping eye-icon.pngSend triggered rules, PacketViper events, system, and web interface messages to any syslog server.
3rd Party Log Importing eye-icon.pngAdministrators can choose to import WireShark and compatible logs into PacketViper to quickly run them through our filters, which can then be used to add to custom rules.
Live Blocked Country Graphs:  eye-icon.pngQuickly see which countries are being blocked most often. Reporting is a important feature in cyber security.  Provides a clear view of network traffic and its location.
Live Connection Graphs eye-icon.pngOur intuitive hourly graphs provide a real time detailed view of the previous 24 hours on the fly.
Country Information eye-icon.pngInstantly view any country's complete information from demographics to network threat level.
Scheduled Tasks eye-icon.pngCreated automate tasks to backup or email reports to key personnel.
  • Add Security Layer
  • Redirect Countries and Companies
  • Eliminate Probing
  • COmbat Proxies and Bots