“The Business”, founded in 1959, is a family and employee owned wholesale distributing company. “The Business” is the largest independently owned convenience store supplier in Pennsylvania, servicing 2,000 retail customers in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. “The Business” also manages several other venture-capitalized businesses including a 1,500 user Internet Service Provider and co-location facility, an ice cream manufacturer, a food services division, and real estate ventures. These businesses are all housed within “The Business's network infrastructure.


At its peak, the ISP had over 15,000 users.  Since then, the ISP business dwindled, but “The Business” still maintains all the publicly assigned networks and the associated traffic.  Consequently, “The Business” receives a very high volume of illegitimate mail traffic along with thousands of scans and attempts to infiltrate their networks on a daily basis from around the world. Read More....




“The Business” Facility Services, LLC is one of the United States' premier mechanical contractors with 11 branches and numerous active job sites throughout the country. They are an industry leader of sustainable building solutions focused on innovative and cost-effective HVAC management generating over $290 million revenue annually.  “The Business” has over 500 users of its network infrastructure.


To support and facilitate business operations, “The Business’s IT department is responsible for providing network connectivity between branches and ensuring services such as VPN, email, FTP, and web services are available. They must ensure that users at branches, job sites, and other locations around the US have access to these services. At the same time, they must minimize potential network attacks and service disruptions. Read More.....


Company Background

(Business name) is a law firm who represents injured people and their families. The firm has attorneys who are registered to practice law in several states and has multiple offices. Attorneys travel throughout these states to meet with clients at locations most convenient for them.

Network Challenges

The firm needed to allow inbound network access for the remote offices, employees working from home and their traveling attorneys. Read More....