PacketViper 2.0.0 Upgrade Notes

  • Upgrade will take place during normal scheduled update periods.
  • Once upgraded, PacketViper will require a reboot for changes to take effect.
  • In certain instances PacketViper might reboot with no IP, simply login to the console screen, go to network, and re-enter the PacketViper IP address, subnet, gateway, dns, and hostname information.
  • Some customers have noticed higher than normal CPU usage after the install. This is normal while the data is being converted. This could take several hours depending on your system and the amount of data store in your PacketViper.
  • In certain instances, you might notice your PacketViper witll have to be re-registered. Simply go to Setup->System, and under subscription information, copy and paste the license key back into the registration block. Symptoms of this is a message appearing when NetChecking an IP address that your PacketViper needs to be registered.

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