Changes For v1.2.0

(Release Date: Jul. 26, 2012)

  • OS package updates

  • Various bug fixes

  • Updated UI to be more uniform and require fewer clicks to navigate

  • Introduced Basic Edition

  • Bi-Directional Country & GNL Blocking

  • Enhanced Trigger alert details

  • Custom Rule comment generated from honeypot action

  • Timezone config

  • Added Source NAT

  • Added ability to exclude from both Source & Destination NAT

  • Added NetCheck history

  • Faster GNL page load time

  • Added Clipboard functionality

  • Added ability to import traffic logs from other utilities (such as Wireshark) and other PacketVipers

  • Added ability to export traffic logs

  • Added ability to prune traffic logs for a specific date range

  • Software drivers for fail-to-wire hardware

  • Improved Console network configuration utility

  • Added remote syslog logging functionality

  • Added ability to set NIC port speed/duplex

  • Added ability to set NIC port to dhcp or disabled (instead of just static IP)

  • Additional NetCheck details such as DNS domain information

  • Added reCAPTCHA option for logins

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