Changes For v2.0.0

(Release Date: Sep. 9, 2013)

  • Enhanced Country and GNL granularity options by allowing selection on custom rules, triggers, and NAT configurations
  • Added anomoly-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Added HTTP and SMTP interception functionality
  • Added Cancel changes functionality
  • Added ability to have multiple network bridges
  • Created entries for different excluded port inbound from outbound on country and GNL listings
  • Migrated web interface to a Responsive layout for better tablet and cell phone interoperability
  • Enhanced map functionality on NetCheck and country page
  • Enhanced country page layout and functionality
  • Added GNL and country notes
  • Ability to change GNL type from BLOCK to PASS and vice versa
  • Ability to set the trigger evaluation position
  • Added Invalid State drop option
  • Enhanced Connections listing including bandwidth usage
  • Added enhanced filter options for custom rules
  • Support for additional bypass cards
  • Various bug fixes
  • OS package updates