To protect our customers business processes, and not provide any network security information to the general public.  We have removed the business names, and contact names from these testimonials.  PacketViper, LLC feels if any piece of the security layer is divulged, it could result in a compromise in our customers network security.  Our policy has always been never to discuss, or reveal with any potential customer, partner, or entity any current or past customer information, no matter how minute. We provide these blind for their security. Give us your testimonial.


“These PacketVipers are pretty amazing! 

I am still loving this product.  There have been so many additional benefits above just the reason we originally got these devices for. 

I actually hadn’t noticed but I haven’t gotten any spam email since the day I installed it!”



"I like how easy PacketViper is to use...

Once we placed this product, I was shocked how simple it was to use.  The installation took seconds! I like that you can quickly change things globally, but reverse things should you make a mistake just as quick!

And there's another thing that's really great about PacketViper, Their attention to detail and personalized support was one of the most refreshing things I have ever experienced. Not that it's so complicated that I need help all the time, but every now and then I have a question. 

Director Network Operations

"I was a little skeptical, but that all changed....

I have to say I was the one in the room that said, this is not possible, and we can do the same thing now with what we have.  NOT TRUE!  I could not believe how much PacketViper improve our performance and how much of the traffic was garbage! 

I can tell you first hand, if you think you can do geo-location filtering with what you have.  You are wrong.  get this product it will change your world. 

Sr. Systems Engineer, CCIE
Financial Sector

"The best security purchase we ever made...

I work for a fairly large company which has invested heavily into our security environment.  When we saw PacketViper we asked to provide a demo. Once installed (That in itself was amazingly simply) we began running tests through the system.  The simplicity in the design and the effectiveness in cleaning the traffic was nothing short of spectacular.  We ended up placing the product onto our live production systems the very next day.  As in the test PacketViper immediately helped us identify gaps by presenting the traffic in a whole different light.  Something we thought we had locked down and settled.  I would recommend this system on ever gateway on the planet.

PS: Did I mention this product is amazingly inexpensive?

Information Technology Manager
Financial Market

"To think we only found this product last year!"

I wish we would have found this 2 years ago!  It's been a blessing the folks at PacketViper came out with something that is not complicated and does exactly what it says.  Too many of our security products do a thousand things fairly well.  PacketViper specializes in geo location filtering, and does it with extreme precision and accuracy.  I can't even count hour many hours we saved working from PacketViper instead of our other systems. They are all still needed and necessary but now they work less, and we cleaned up many of the rules that we simply did not need anymore. Fantastic.  Get one, it will change your life!

Sr Network Engineer
Non-Profit Organization


All I want to say is this product is the real deal.  We shaved off about 30% of the traffic coming into our network and we are still chipping more and more away. It's something we have been looking for for years! I still find it hard to believe how effective this product is.  Great job guys!

System Engineer
Medical Research


We currently use Forigate.  We tried enabling the country blocking and found a bigger problem than the traffic entering our environment.  We were thinking of moving to Dell Sonicwall when we found PacketViper.  PacketViper closed the gap we felt we had in security.  We now can see definitively what is entering and exiting, not to mention the filtering capabilities at the port level to any country.  Simply amazing! Stop thinking you can do what this product does.  I can tell say with 100% certainty, you can not.  

Director Network Operations
Financial Market


We have deployed a number of these devices to many of our customers. Each one was a flawless installation. They work perfectly and do everything they claim to for a very reasonable price. Have had no problems with configuration or support. Very simple to use and deploy.  They make a world of difference to network security. PacketViper rocks!

Information Technology Solutions Provider


"PacketViper is Highly Effective"

PacketViper is highly effective, easy to manage, and surprising in its ability to reduce network loads. With PacketViper we have effectively reduced management complexity and further improved our business efficiency. Everything thing they said, and thats rare.

Insurance Market

"We're Now More Confident....."

"With PacketViper, we’re now more confident in the security environment we’ve vested heavily into, and are very happy with its ease of manageability and performance boost we received after deployment."

Sr IT Security Manager
Investment Banking Firm

"Highly Recommended"

We selected PacketViper because it was easier to setup than all other firewall products we ever evaluated, it has one of the simplest management and graphical user interfaces, and provided us detailed reports. We would highly recommend PacketViper for any size business. 

Director of Information Technologies,
Real Estate Management

"You guys are really awesome to work with" 

It’s really great to call and get a real live knowledgeable human on the phone. That is so rare these days. From pre-sales through installation, and post sales you followed up and made sure everything was perfect.  The Product is at the same high level as your sales and support team. Does everything you say it does, and has helped us immensely locking down our security.

IT Manager

"Hard To Explain"

We thought we had it figured out, but after we put PacketViper in place. We found found things which was shocking in our traffic.  Things we could not wrap our heads around given what we had in place.  Thank you for this product, and thank you for making it simple!


"So much for so little" 

We were thinking on replacing our firewall.  About to spend thousands of dollars, and found PacketViper. We saved so much in time, and hardware upgrades by adding this phenomenal product. We immediately felt its presence in our security environment. Great job! Looking for great things from this group! 

Financial Sector

"Spammers Can't Hide" 

Let me see, we have a Barracuda Spam Firewall 600. Great product, but it was being crushed. Sure it stopped most of the spam, but the traffic was still there.  Thought about bigger pipe, faster firewall, and so on.  We discovered PacketViper, low cost, simple inline placement.  Dropped all the garbage through firewall, spam filter, and places we didn't even think about. Don't believe me, try it for yourself!

Network Manager