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There are plenty of firewalls who try Geo-IP filtering, but none can compete with PacketViper's technology.Get PacketViper, the most important transformative firewall security layer on the market.

Launched in January 2012, PacketViper distinguished itself with its geo filtering ability at the port level with a few clicks of a mouse. Using traditional network firewalls, this process would essentially be impossible. PacketViper is a simple but brilliant concept: by removing the amount of traffic entering your security environment, you will remove that many chances of breaches.

In addition to malicious traffic, we at PacketViper believe it’s time to filter out firewall security myths from the truth.

3 Truths About Network Firewall Software

TRUTH # 1 -- Firewalls by their very nature will never provide a final or perfect solution.  In fact, as all the trends show, the holes in the firewall dike will increase faster than the programmers can fill them.

Instead of perpetuating this exercise in futility, PacketViper drastically reduces the size of the ocean, and therefore reduces the number of attacks with our managed firewall service.

 TRUTH #2 -- Comprehensive solutions using the existing network based firewall systems will inherently have high levels of complexity. Consider that it takes several years and expert programmers just to build these extensive firewalls and even more to constantly update it against new geo ip threats. Furthermore, firewalls must stop all of the old and existing threats even as they add new algorithms to stop the new.  

PacketViper was built to provide a simple solution for network firewall security, while simultaneously simplifying the entire cyber security paradigm.

 TRUTH #3 -- Complexity also generally means sacrifices in network performance. To protect against every known contingency, the product must check traffic for every known threat.  This is almost certain to slow down network performance, often significantly.

Part of the genius of PacketViper’s network security firewall is that it not only works quickly, it actually speeds up the performance of existing networks. This additional burst in performance improves the effectiveness of existing firewalls.  Read more about this in our Geo-IP firewall whitepaper.


At PacketViper we started with a simple solution, and we kept it simple which is why we are so effective. The fact that PacketViper is profoundly different from all existing firewall solutions means there is simply no comparison in the cyber-security market. We provide businesses with a low cost, practical solution that is like nothing else.

Now that you’re armed with these cyber security truths, try PacketViper, the best firewall software for free today!