Like the private sector, government and educational entities increasingly need technology and the internet to communicate with clients and constituencies, to provide services, and to organize vast bureaucracies of increasing complexity in the 21st Century.  Unlike the private sector however, public agencies are often hampered by very limited resources, both financial and human, with which to accomplish a task that is just as challenging, and perhaps even more important. 

The cyber-security challenge poses an almost intractable problem for those individuals assigned to the task.  Often, purchasing a network firewall system is a black box unintelligible to the typical IT administrator, and selecting the right one essentially comes down to a roll of the dice.  Furthermore, it can be an incredibly expensive gamble, both on the front end in purchasing, and even more so if the expensive system yields to a creative hacking attempt.  Moreover, using a complicated firewall can present an equally unpleasant challenge for a cash-strapped school or government office, which are likely to be unable to dedicate personnel specifically to the task of working and managing the firewall system. 

Once again, PacketViper can come to the rescue.  Incredibly inexpensive, but with varying power to fit any size institution, PacketViper meets the needs and budget of every type of government and educational network.  Furthermore, using PacketViper couldn’t be simpler.  Installed in as little as 15 minutes with no need to change or disrupt your existing network, PacketViper makes your existing network security system far stronger while dramatically reducing threatening internet traffic and improving the performance of your network.  Moreover, PacketViper is totally committed to customer service, and we are available on a daily basis, continually working to improve the performance of our product as well as your experience and network security.

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