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Abstract: Despite advances by commercial firewall providers, cyber security breaches are an increasingly prevalent, dangerous, and costly problem for companies.  Furthermore, liability and legal ramifications for such breaches are an emerging problem for businesses of all sizes, and statistics indicate that many companies remain ill-prepared for such attacks.  One type of IP network security with great potential to reduce the threat of cyber-attacks is the implementation of Geo-IP filtering.  

Innovative advances in Geo-IP filtering have enabled unseen levels of precision, agility, and user-friendliness. Our new and enhanced Geo-IP filtering will make the technology a viable and essential part of any comprehensive network security system.  This paper will underscore some of the problems with the current security paradigm and how Geo-IP filtering addresses those limitations. Including how enhanced Geo-IP filtering can be integrated into a typical security system within the context of differences in business practices and needs of individual companies.  Finally, objective data is provided that illustrates the dramatic reductions in threat levels and significant improvements in network performance that can occur when network security is supplemented with enhanced Geo-IP filtering.

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